Brainloop data room is a leader in corporate governance and a trusted provider of solutions for the safe operation of business leaders announced the completion of the acquisition of the company.

The Most Important Information About Brainloop Data Room

COVID-19 will leave a big mark on the consumer’s memory due to its unexpected appearance, which has radically changed the usual pace of life. Against the backdrop of dramatic changes, some consumers began to sharply reduce their spending, while others did not change their usual behavior and spend as much as they always did, but at the same time change other aspects of their lives. In this case, it is recommended to use the Brainloop data room.

Brainloop is a leading provider of virtual data room software for businesses to securely manage sensitive documents. Headquartered in Munich, Brainloop will become Diligent’s continental European hub and will continue to operate under the leadership of its current management team, including CEO Thomas Deutschmann and CTO Eike Schmidt. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Brainloop data room will help you to optimize the company’s financial flows by making them as transparent as possible. This is important for the necessary legal documents (charter, contracts with counterparties, necessary licenses and permits, existing agreements with the labor collective and trade unions), optimizing the personnel structure of the company, as well as the structure of its debts. Thus, a synergistic effect arises with an optimal combination of elements of the marketing message transmitted by various means of communication.

The presence of files on a computer, the content of which is not worth knowing to anyone outside, is not a reason to stop using services for remote data storage. You just need to take care of your privacy by installing software for additional protection, or by opting for one of the services with encryption on the user side. The most attractive among all the considered solutions looks like Brainloop virtual data room. The service offers a very large amount of disk space for free, encrypts files before uploading to the server without using additional utilities, and also allows you to view and manage a list of files in a browser and from a mobile device.

Why Do You Need the Brainloop Login?

The Brainloop client by using Brainloop login allows not only downloading files stored on the server but also automatically uploading to the service all photos and video files that were taken by the device’s camera. All basic operations for working with files are also available in the client: deleting, moving, creating links to files for sharing with other people, searching.

The main advantages of Brainloop over the other data room providers are:

  • Thorough configuration of the access rights of company employees to confidential information.
  • The ability to encrypt and protect the downloaded data from downloading and copying.
  • A multi-layered security system prevents unauthorized access and hacker attacks.
  • Allows you to track any user activity, which minimizes the risk of information “leakage”.

If your company has a vertical structure with different departments that need to work in synergy with each other and keep the files safe, it is recommended to use the Brainloop data room. This is especially true of a sales department with a large base and customer flow that is actively working with a sales funnel. Brainloop will allow you to build long-term relationships and use all possible communication channels to attract new and retain current customers.